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C=T Mixtapes ::: Hello, Summer


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the Presets // Classixx @ Ogden Theatre 05.17.13

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The Presets are performing at the Odgen Theater tomorrow co-headlining with Dragonette and openers Classixx. In all honesty, the three could be headlining the evening with strong new(ish) albums from both the Presets and SoCal’s Classixx. The Presets’ latest release, “Pacifica,” has a tinge of Darren Emerson from Underworld sprinkled for good measure on Australia’s best hope to follow in the footsteps of Cut Copy. “Pacifica” is a step in the right direction of using more instruments versus leaning too much on the electronic element with a more organic feel compared to previous efforts.

Classixx’s “Hanging Gardens” have just released their newest offering in what sounds like a steamy summer evening on a rooftop in a bustling city. The title track is a slow simmer that eventually culminates into a a soft banger setting the stage for the full album. The contribution from DFA’s Nancy Whang on “All You’re Waiting For” is a strong second, but the rest of the release has been on non-stop rotation.

The Presets – Fall (Erick Rincon Remix) [mp3]
Gossip – Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix) [mp3]

The Presets – Ghosts [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sasquatch Music Festival 2013 Lineup announced


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Friday Remixes

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Friday Remixes

Graffiti Around the Crib 2010

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A Whole Mess of Remixes

Marisol's Graduation Brunch ::: Lola's ::: 05.06.09

I’ve been saving most of these to drop all at once. Today is my Friday and I’m pretty excited for I will be leaving town for a couple of days.

Vampire Weekend-One / Blake’s Got A New Face (Hunk The Drunk Edit) [mp3]
Kanye West feat. Twista-Overnight Celebrity (Dave Wrangler Remix) [mp3]
Beastie Boys – Body Movin (Dave Wrangler Remix) [mp3]
The Presets-Kicking And Screaming (Hoshina Anniversary Galaxy Remix) [mp3]
Yelle-Ce Jeu (Hoshina Anniversary Galaxy Remix) [mp3]
Electric Youth-Replay (Hoshina Anniversary Galaxy Remix) [mp3]
Daft Punk-One More Time (Synthdromes Alive 09 Edit) [mp3]
Digitialism-Taken Away (Hoshina Anniversary “Galaxy” Remix  ) [mp3]