Friday Remixes


Sean Penn’s faux pas of delivering one of the most ill-timed jokes not since since Uncle Manny’s Christmas performance of 1991 made headlines. Read more

Disclosure – “When A Fire Starts To Burn” video


The wait is almost over for the new album from Disclosure to hit the States. Read more

Friday Remixes


That Russian meteor that crashed in the mountains of Ural was the boom that was literally heard around the world. Read more

Sasquatch Music Festival 2013 Lineup announced


Every Memorial Day, I think about a flying to Portland and making the drive to Washington for Sasquatch. Read more

Friday Remixes

Happy 4th of July weekend! Read more

Friday Remixes

Project Cure Casino Night @ Grand Hyatt 2011

U2 starts their US tour here in town this weekend. Read more

Friday Remixes

Super Bowl weekend is here and the city of Dallas is paralyzed because they’ve frozen over and have received a “substantial” amount of snow. Read more