the Weekender ::: New music from Justin Timberlake (w/Jay-Z) /// Frank Ocean (w/the OutKasts) /// return of Destiny’s Child


When Frank Ocean recruited the help of Andre 3000 for “Pink Matter,” in the back of his head you know he wanted OutKasts to reunite. Read more

Friday Remixes ::: Denver AFTERDARK Edition ::: Interview w/Alert from Whomp Truck

Tonight is the Denver AFTERDARK Music Festival and the last interview that we have is with Alert from the Whomp Truck. Read more

Friday Remixes

Finally. I couldn’t sleep last night because of how excited I was for the CUP to begin. Read more

Friday Remixes


I was walking my newly acquired ( I use this term loosely, because it’s my sister in-law’s dog and I’m trying to kidnap him) and noticed that the days are becoming longer! Read more

Friday Remixes


Hopefully all of you got your significant others their respective Valentines Day gifts. Read more