The Black Ghosts

The UK duo have their latest single, The Repetition Kills You, available today w/guest vocals from Damon Albarn. The album IMHO hasn’t nearly torn as many dance floors or parties as I had anticipated. But, there’s something about the big beat that doesn’t allow me to sit still as I type this exact sentence. You can purchase the single here with some other ill remixes.

The Black Ghosts (ft. Damon Albarn)-The Repetition Kills You [mp3]

The Repetition Kills You VIdeo

Polygon Palace.jpg

Polygon Palace

Their name is reminiscent of a Midnight Express contraband type movie. I’m convinced that any music that is sent to me from Australia is going to put me into some UFC submission move in less than three seconds. This track is more of the glitchy beat thumping music that we’ve been enjoying ala Modular and the remix the dirtiest one I’ve heard of Hearts on Fire, well done!

Polygon Palace-Disko Unterhaag [mp3]
Cut Copy-Hearts on Fire (Polygon Palace Remix) [mp3]