Fall with Me (a seasonal mix from C=T)

Fall with me

It’s that time of year again. Read more

C=T Mixtapes ::: Hello, Summer


I had taken a hiatus from writing for a while due to a lack of inspiration/motivation. Read more

C=T Favorite Songs of 2012


2012 will be forever remembered as the year of the gun. Read more

Download a Cold Showers’ mixtape

Cold Showers finally released their lp, “Love and Regret” after two strong EPs today (stream the album over here). Read more


Tonight is Game 7 for the Denver Nuggets vs the Los Angeles Lakers. Read more

Game + Pharrell ” It Must Be Tough”

Game has been a little out of the “game” for a minute, but this collabo w/Pharrell appears to have resuscitated both of their acts. Read more

C=T Christmas Mixtape 2011

Fridays ’round these parts typically see gobs of remixes. Read more

Download the Weeknd’s new mixtape “Echoes of Silence”

The Weeknd is fresh off of contributing some new tracks to Drizzy’s latest album. Read more

C=T Favorite Songs of 2011

This list was an extremely easy one to do, however, like any lists, I’m sure I’ve left off more than I care to remember. Read more

Thanksgiving 2011 Mixtape

Have a good Thanksgiving, guys. Read more