Mile High Music Festival Preview : Day 2


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Keane//Matt Kearney// The Helio Sequence ::: Ogden Theater ::: 05.13.09

The team of Lucia and Jonas took in this show the other night. In what seemed to be a night for couples, the evening manifested itself into an evening of great music. (Photos by Lucia De Giovanni/ Word by Jonas DiCaprio (no relation))

If you created a pie chart to represent the crowd at the Keane show last night by far the largest piece of that pie would be couples on the first, or maybe second date. The first opening band The Helio Sequence provided the perfect backdrop for these couples to converse, slam several drinks to calm the nerves, and get ready for a night out. The second piece of the pie chart would be the “woohoo girls”, they range in age from 25-35 and are typically at the show with several other woohoo’s. Mat Kearney followed up The Helio Sequence with a set of songs perfect for a television show where doctors spend more time making out with other doctors than actually helping patients. What I can say without a doubt is, the “woohoo girls” love Mat.

After those two pieces of the pie there are several small groups including teenagers, some with parents in tow, and others doing there best to hide the large black ‘X’ on their hand. There were metro boys waiting to see what Keane lead singer Tom Chaplin would be wearing, and I think even a few Brits from Sussex, Keane’s hometown. Regardless, when Keane took the stage all these groups became a throng of screaming fans and kept it up for the entire 90 minute set. Every member of the band seemed in complete awe of the atmosphere in the Ogden. The Nuggets’ win (announced between songs) just fed the fire. Keane played as polished of a set as I have ever heard. Perfectly timed and choreographed, they have graduated to the next round of rock. The sell out of the Ogden was testament to the fact.

The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead [mp3]
The Helio Sequence – Everyone Knows Everyone [mp3]
The Helio Sequence – Blood Bleeds [mp3]

Keane-Leaving So Soon (Karl G Remix) [mp3]