Parquet Courts announce “Monastic Living”


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C=T Giveaways ::: the Twelves with Option4 / Khalib / Black Amex @ Marquis Theater 11.15.12

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Zizek Tour & 20:12 ::: Marquis Theater ::: 04.10.09

(photos by La Prima, word by Star)

Axel K Soundsystem-Cumbierton Rutero [mp3]

Soda Jerk presented Zizek Club featuring Fauna, Douster, El G of ZZK Records with 20:12 at the Marquis Theater, Friday, April 10, 2009. Opening for Zizek Club was 20:12, the Colorado hip-hop group that have been gaining acceptance for the last four years. Their representation of Latin dance, hip hop and Mexican rap is empowering and seductive. The Denver based translation group thrilled this tight location and sweated out tunes by The Juice and Roleplay of Late Night Inc. Their flow had the ladies and The Juice’s own little 12 year old brother, Jamie singing the lyrics. Jamie commented that his big brothers message was all about a positive vibe with family first. It was a very Mexican grassroots spell of beats that borderline 1991 NWA flow only in Spanish and English empowering rights for the people. The group is now trying to bring the message to the mainstream by proposing to get one of their popular songs (Por Aqui Por Alla feat. SpokeInWord) on a major motion picture. The Juice and Roleplay put the microphones to the audience, “I say viva, you say La Raza.” A great vibe felt throughout in welcoming the feature event of the evening, Zizek Club. With the stage cornered to the left and a full bar shoving out cocktails to the few over 21 the next act was taking the stage.
ZZK Records broke the label with the new Zizek club from Buenos Aires. These boys were deeply dedicated to the emerging sounds of morphing traditional rhythm of Hip Hop, Reggaetón, Digital Cumbia, Bastard Pop, Mashups, and infusing it with anything that will play on a killer sound system. By the time Resident DJ El G (aka G-Love) got comfortable in the intimate venue the crowd was anxious. While adjusting his black leather Members Only jacket he swayed his neck side to side as if getting ready for battle. All that was left was to adjust his technical fingers as he felt the heat for the Jungle Cumbia duo Fauna. Federico Rodriguez as Catar_sys and Cristian Del Negro as Color Kit offered heavy bass that made dreads bounce reflecting their Andes foothill roots which can be described as baile funk and dubstep. Heating up the dance floor, one couldn’t help but move and sway. Many times the young boys had to pull up their baggy pants in order to keep up the vibe. Young Douster got on stage to a humble beat from El G. They started a little slow but this new, fresh sound allowed you to feel the beat in your chest as high top kicks rocked the floor. The diverse crowd looked mesmerized especially for those that were experiencing Zizek for the first time in the USA. The thought that they were experiencing such a wide array of genres that clashed for the rest of the set all the while providing new innovative sounds one may have not heard before summed up an evening at the Marquis Theater.