C=T Giveaways ::: the Twelves with Option4 / Khalib / Black Amex @ Marquis Theater 11.15.12

Kitsuné Club Night is coming to Denver this Thursday, November 15, at the Marquis Theater. Read more

Two Door Cinema Club announces new album

’bout time we get the follow up to “Tourist History.” Read more

Juveniles “We Are Young”

Juveniles are the latest addition to the Kitsune family and will be releasing their latest single, “We Are Young,” October 24. Read more

Watch the Newest Two Door Cinema Club Video for “COME BACK HOME “

Meet Florrie

In the spirit of bubble-gum pop and all things “Kitsune” rule, comes Florrie. Read more

Phoenix on SNL

My favorite Frenchies for the moment played an inspiring 3 song set, the last one being Too Young (while the credits were rolling). I caught the show in bits and pieces from a casino outside of Santa Fe that creeped me out, like in a David Lynch type creepy. The new material and performance has me hoping that there will be a Denver date on the schedule. Thus far, there are only two dates to speak of, and big surprise, NYC and LA.

Phoenix-1901 (MF Nu Wave rmx) [mp3]



Kitsune Tabloid by Phoenix