CHVRCHES has been a roll as of late. Read more

Friday Remixes

Friday Remixes

Happy Friday. Read more

Friday Remixes


The start of summer is upon us, or at least that’s what Memorial Day (military appreciation day) weekend reminds the rest of the country of our three day weekend. Read more

the Weekender ::: New music from Justin Timberlake (w/Jay-Z) /// Frank Ocean (w/the OutKasts) /// return of Destiny’s Child


When Frank Ocean recruited the help of Andre 3000 for “Pink Matter,” in the back of his head you know he wanted OutKasts to reunite. Read more

the Weekender ::: Usher and Justin Bieber on SNL

SNL went old school with their choice in hosting duties this past weekend. Read more

Friday Remixes


Hopefully all of you got your significant others their respective Valentines Day gifts. Read more

Hope for Haiti Telethon

For those that didn’t get a chance to watch the telethon last night, here are most of the clips that you may have missed. Read more