Friday Remixes


That Russian meteor that crashed in the mountains of Ural was the boom that was literally heard around the world. Read more

Friday Remixes

Welcome to week one of the NFL. Read more

In Case You MIssed It Last Night ::: Eminem + Lil Wayne on SNL

I had this friend/roomate that ruined some of my favorite artists for me. Read more

Friday Remixes

Air Dubai ::: Westword Music Showcase ::: 06.19.10

This is the time of year when everybody starts to reflect on their favorite (fill in the blank) of the year. Read more

Friday Remixes

Picture 036

Fall is finally upon us. Read more

Friday Remixes On Saturday

I’ve started narrowing down my fantasy football RB’s and QB’s. Read more

Friday Remixes

Biennial of the Americas 2010

I’ve been clamoring for a good movie all summer. Read more

Friday Remixes

Overall, the only teams that have dazzled me in the World Cup 2010, have been the Germans and Argentinians. Read more

Friday Remixes

Graffiti Around the Crib 2010

Lately , it seems anytime I rant about any sports team to win on these posts, they end up winning. Read more

Brüno T-Bags Eminem

I’m pretty positive that this was all staged, but the look on Em’s face was pretty funny. Brüno is scheduled for release on July 10, 200

Eminem vs No Doubt-Without Me vs. Hella Good [mp3]