Daft Punk creates a Nile Rodgers tribute video

daft punk

Daft Punk rarely makes it to the limelight, but they have expressed their eternal gratitude to one of the most influential guitarists with a love letter to Chic’s, Nile Rodgers. Read more

So, what’s Tidal?


Is the music industry saturated with streaming services? Read more

C=T Mixtapes ::: Hello, Summer


I had taken a hiatus from writing for a while due to a lack of inspiration/motivation. Read more

Friday Remixes


The start of summer is upon us, or at least that’s what Memorial Day (military appreciation day) weekend reminds the rest of the country of our three day weekend. Read more

Friday Remixes



Friday Remixes

Feliz dia de los muertos. Read more

Friday Remixes

I’m not sure what Chipotle was thinking by scheduling an outdoor food/music festival in October, but here we are with snow in the forecast tomorrow. Read more

Friday Remixes

Locals! Read more

Friday Remixes

Never thought it would ever come to this, but I actually wagered lunch on the soulless Heat. Read more

Friday Remixes

What a tough blow for Bulls’ fans. Read more