Paul Banks ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 11.27.12


Interpol fans should probably come to grips that there might not be a new album from the holders of doom and gloom out in Gotham City. Read more

Sharon Van Etten visits w/Conan

Sharon Van Etten’s 2012 release for her album, “Tramp,” is definitely getting the much needed close-up it deserves. Read more

White Rabbits ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 03.19.12

Percussion happy, White Rabbits, looked well rested despite a week long excursion down in Austin for SXSW. Read more

New video from White Rabbits “Heavy Metal” + tour dates

“Milk Famous” is the name of the new album coming from White Rabbits via TBD Records March 6. Read more

Shows in 2011 Review

This is it. Read more

Watch Foster the People on SNL

Foster the People ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 06.08.11

C=T had a chance to catch Foster the People at the small Bluebird Theater last June with the Chain Gang of 1974 and Gardens and Villa which turned out to be one of my favorite shows from this past year. Read more

Peter Hook and the Light ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 09.20.11

Peter Hook ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 09.20.11

Half of an item has been crossed off of my bucket-list. Read more

Foster the People + the Chain Gang of 1974 ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 06.08.11

Foster the People ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 06.08.11

Last night’s Foster the People and the Chain Gang of 1974 show at the Bluebird resonated with me on different levels. Read more

Locals! C=T Contests ::: Oh Land + OMD @ Bluebird Theater Tonight + 7″ Giveaway

Oh Land is coming off of a massive SX, playing Perez’s One Night in Austin soiree, amongst the many rounds she made. Read more

No Age + Lucky Dragons ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 12.01.10

No Age + Lucky Dragons ::: Bluebird Theater ::: 12.01.10

    Los Angeles set up shop on East Colfax last night, where No Age collectively rocked most people’s socks off and Lucky Dragons confused some people. Read more