the Weekender ::: New music from Justin Timberlake (w/Jay-Z) /// Frank Ocean (w/the OutKasts) /// return of Destiny’s Child


When Frank Ocean recruited the help of Andre 3000 for “Pink Matter,” in the back of his head you know he wanted OutKasts to reunite. Read more

C=T Favorite Songs of 2012


2012 will be forever remembered as the year of the gun. Read more

Friday Remixes

Starting next week, the Denver/Boulder area will be the place for some of the most anticipated acts to play in some of my favorite venues. Read more

Friday Remixes

I try not to mix politics much on here, but those darn campaign ads and debates have me at my wits end. Read more

Friday Remixes

Biennial of the Americas 2010

Football season is looming around the corner. Read more