So, what’s Tidal?


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4 Covers you should probably listen to right now


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Friday Remixes

The Oscars are this Sunday, and 2011 was a forgettable year in cinema. Read more

Friday Remixes

Stranahan's Tour

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Weekender ::: Beyonce interview w/Couric ::: the Black Keys on SNL ::: the Chemical Brothers release movie

Chemical Brothers ::: Fillmore Auditorium ::: 09.01.10

Anybody that has ever witnessed the Chemical Brothers live can attest to the psychedelic dance experience that the duo can produce. Read more

Friday Remixes


The Labor Day weekend symbolically ends the Summer season and the beginning of the school year. Read more

Happy “Watch the Throne” day

The album never leaked and it was released today. Read more

Friday Remixes

Huge news for locals ’round these parts. Read more

Beyonce covers Kings of Leon and Prince @ Glastonbury

Beyonce set the Glasto crowd on fire last night performing material off of her forthcoming album, “4.” Read more

Listen to new Beyonce feat. Andre 3000 + Kanye West

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