Friday Remixes


That Russian meteor that crashed in the mountains of Ural was the boom that was literally heard around the world. It could be one of four scenarios.

#1-It was an actual meteor
#2-The US was testing out a new weapon
#3-Russia shot down said “meteor” with their own missiles
#4-Alien invasion

Shall we put Morgan Freeman/Bill Pullman on the phone and get “things” taken care?

Stafford Brothers – Hello ft. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian (Pleather Remix)
Parker Ighile – So Beautiful (Tim Gunter 808 Bootleg)
Rihanna // The Knocks “Bright Diamonds” (DOSVEC Mashup)
Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Kids At The Bar Remix)
Dislosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch (ZHU remix)
Robin S – Show Me Love (Siloet Remix)
Rihanna – Diamonds (Wade West Remix)
Stephen Ridley- To Be Alone With You (Game 7 Remix)
Blondfire – Where the Kids Are (Kroktopus Remix)

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