Friday Remixes

It’s the end of the baseball season and things are tightening up in division races. It makes sense because my Colorado Rockies are starting to play as if they were in contention for a wild card berth. Mathematically, it’s still a possibility. The Rockies are taking a note out of one of my favorite 80′s movies, “Goonies never die.” After being left for dead, the team has resurrected by an absurd 75 pitch count for starters, a piggy back rotation that involves a mess of middle relief pitchers and a couple of serviceable closers. The young bucks are trying to earn their keep and show the veterans how the game is played. Lots of passion is being seen by guys like Ruttledge and no namers like Rosario. Let’s see if the Rox can go on another 23 game win streak.

Pitbull Ft. Shakira – Get It Started (Vice Remix)
ATLiens (TonyTone Moombahton rmx) – Outkast
The Cataracs – All You (Dstar & Benzi Remix)
Bon Iver – Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix)
White Panda Track – “Losing My Amarok” (REM // Denzal Park)
Freddie Gibbs – Terrorist (Nubbz Remix)
Zedd – Spectrum (Vass Remix)
Cedric Gervais – Molly (Gruneau Bootleg)
Van She – Jamaica (Unicorn Kid Remix)
Dragonette – Live in this City (Heren Remix)

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One Response to “Friday Remixes”

  1. Mike Will Downey
    August 27th, 2012 at 20:44

    Dope posts today! Love that All You remix

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