Friday Remixes

Last night’s victory by the Miami Heat was like if the Evil Empire in “Star Wars” had prevailed over Luke Skywalker and entire fleet of Jedi Knights. Evil prevailed last night. I won’t acknowledge Lebron’s victory as world champions this year. I’m going to be a hater. This year was a shortened strike season that saw the Bulls limp out of the playoffs due to Derrick Rose being sidelined. A lot of dominoes fell in order for the Heat get to where they were. Had CP3 ended up playing with the other LA team, things could’ve gone differently for the Thunder as well. Either way, next year will be the test for the Heat to see if they can defend the title.

Santigold – the Keepers (the Knocks Remix)
Teen Daze, “Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)”
“Love is Magic (Casa Onda Remix)” – Afrobeta
Ready For A Fight (Airwolf Remix) – Muscles
Wolfgang Gartner // Eminem – Without Illmerica (Misceo Bootleg)
Dricky Graham-Snapbacks & Tattoos (Viktor Needs New Ink Remix)
Flower (TYR Remix) – Moby
Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place (Case & Point Bootleg)
Tupac // Kid Cudi “Pursuit Of Changes” (DOSVEC Mashup)
Rihanna // dank – where’s my turn ( djcj bootleg )

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  • 2012-06-24 at 13:32

    Awesome list. Sammy Adams would fit right in this group! Check out his song “Only One!” Great summer jam.

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