Chairlift // Nite Jewel ::: Larimer Lounge :::: 04.03.12

Chairlift // Nite Jewel ::: Larimer Lounge :::: 04.03.12

Chairlift, the prodigal band, came home for one night. Many folks don’t know that Chairlift is originally from the Republic of Boulder starting off at the University of Colorado. Caroline Polachek’s voice has the ability to sing any style of music and have the whole crowd eat from the palm of her hand. Her range hit it’s stride on “Ghost Tonight” as Polachek hushed into the Larimer Lounge mic as she made the entire stage her dance floor from side to side. Patrick Wimberly on bass duties is the unknown solider that made his presence known on “Amanaemonesia” honing in on early 80’s Police from “the Ghost in the Machine.” The all too familiar hit “Bruises” got the makeover treatment with Polachek using the lyrics from the all time classic Modern English joint, “I Melt With You,” interchangeably with “Bruises.”

Ramona Gonzalez aka Nite Jewel is the quintessential California performer that straddles the fine line between R&B and synth-pop with the ease of a swinging hammer. Ramona shined brightest on the faster numbers, especially on “One Second of Love,” the title cut from her latest release via Secretly Canadian. Gonzalez is a true product of her generation, channeling her style from early 80’s/90’s contemporary artists like Exposé and the Cover Girls with rabid success. The tempo of their set was one of the questionable items of the evening; on a couple of occasions the west coasters fell a little flat due to the setlist.

Nite Jewel – One Second of Love [mp3]

Chairlift // Nite Jewel ::: Larimer Lounge :::: 04.03.12

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    Wow. I love this bassline. Never even heard of chairlift before, really enjoying this track.

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