Download Jessie Baylin’s “Pleasure Center” EP for free + Leno performance

That Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” that everybody had long been gone and been found in the recordings of Jessie Baylin. The throwback 60’s vibe teeters with the old memories of AM folk radio that resonates throughout the “Pleasure Center” EP that you can download for free here. BTW, Baylin’s “Hurry Hurry” video shot in NYC was done so by her school-girl friend, Scarlett Johansson. Baylin is currently supporting her latest album, “Little Spark,” that you can purchase here. Photo by Matt Wignall.

Jessie Baylin – Little Trouble Girl [mp3]

Jessie Baylin live on Leno

Jessie Baylin “Hurry Hurry”

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