Friday Remixes

13 1/2 points. That’s the official line that the Las Vegas oddsmakers are saying that the Patriots will beat the Broncos with an over/under 50. In other words, odds makers are claiming that it’s going to be a high scoring contest with the Patriots handing it to the Broncos. It would be a bad idea to put a small wager if you can on the Broncos to win outright. The odds are heavily not in their favor and that’s where they like their chances. Their walls are against the wall and after last week’s OT winner from Tebow to Thomas, my faith is even stronger this week. The Patriots are the ones that have all the pressure in the world on their shoulder and a rabid fan base that is feverishly awaiting another Super Bowl title. The Patriots haven’t won a playoff game in a while and they’re the heavy favorite. Looks like the Broncos have them right where they want them.

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Eleven:Eleven Lost Love Mix)
Lady Gaga — Paparazzi (YRDSCD remix)
Drake – Take Care (LADY BEE Bootleg)
R. Kelly – Real Talk (Johnny Lawson Remix)
SAINT MOTEL – At Least I Have Nothing (Junk Remix)
Creep “Animals” ft Holly Miranda (Modern Machines remix)
Gotye // Adele // Sebastian Ingrosso – Kids, Set Fire To Someone That I Used To Know (the Jane Doze Mashup)
Pepe Deluxe – A Night and a Day (A R K Remix)
Phoenix-Armistice (Misceo Remix)
Humans – Montonton 2 (Hot Young Girls Urban Achievers Remix)
Titanium – David Guetta – NEMnation RMX
Fallulah – Out Of It (Chameo Remix)
the Rapture // Fake Blood – Medieval Love (Its Overture Bootleg)
Torgny-Big Day (Plant Plants Remix)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood // Bingo Players-Relax Mode (the White Panda Mashup)

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One Response to “Friday Remixes”

  1. Deco
    January 13th, 2012 at 11:27

    the gotye/adele/etc. mash is great.
    check out my remix of Walking on a Dream by EOTS

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