Friday Remixes

Last night I had to relish the only Thursday appearance by my beloved Donkeys. Most everywhere will sing the praises of a last minute drive directed by Tebow that ended up winning the game. However, the defense led by a ferocious rookie, Von Miller, is making opposing QB’s pay play after play. On one of Miller’s sacks, Von landed his helmet in Sanchez’s sternum and plowed him to the ground. I winced upon watching the replay and the reaction from Sanchez’s face was priceless to see him get back up to continue the punishment. Elvis “Doom” Dummervil had a multiple sack type of night as the terrible twosome had the ends on lock down. You have to forgive my excitement, football hasn’t been relevant ’round these parts for years.

Diplo-Horsey (DBH Remix)
Drake ft. Lana Del Rey – Video Game Over (Cranky Pills Mashup)
Trentemøller-Neverglade (Trentemøller remix)
Psychobuildings-No Man’s Land (Sammy Bananas Remix)
the Antlers-Parentheses (PVT remix)
Tiesto – You Are My Diamond (Dragon & Jontron Remix)
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble “Pretend (Soul Clap Remix)”
Washed Out – Amor Fati (Au Revoir Simone Mix)
Rihanna // Avicii-We Found Darkness (the Jane Doze Mashup)
Little Dragon “Little Man (Tycho Remix)
The Whip: Keep Or Delete (Nickel Remix)
Body Language – Holiday (RAC Mix) by RAC

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