Friday Remixes ::: Denver AFTERDARK Edition ::: Interview w/Alert from Whomp Truck

Tonight is the Denver AFTERDARK Music Festival and the last interview that we have is with Alert from the Whomp Truck. You won’t be able to miss the Whomp Truck tonight and we wanted to chop it up with Alert to see what Whomp Truck is all about and what we can expect from them this evening. See you at the 2700 block of Larimer tonight. If you haven’t purchased your tickets, you can do so here.

Q: How did Whomp Truck start?

“Ben Travis, who bought the original truck (a former milk truck) and installed his own sound system, started Whomp Truck a few years ago as a way to throw his own self-contained events. It’s grown from that into steady gigs and epic events that we are grateful for. We do this for the fans.”

Q: Tell us who is part of Whomp Truck and a little somethin’ about you guys.

“Just Ben (founder), Citrus, Ishe, Coult 45, Noah Deep, Alert
We are all seasoned DJs and most of us are also producers. We all share a common vision of bringing music to people outside of the typical club environment. This DIY ethic is more inclusive and helps us reach more fans from all walks of life.”
Here’s our website:

Q: Where can we usually find you guys, you know, because you probably have to play outdoors because of that whole “truck” thing?

“Mostly, we play every First Friday on the Santa Fe Art Walk. Occasionally, we throw our own all night events in warehouses that we can drive the truck into.”

Q: What genres do you guys lean towards mostly when out and about?

“Dubstep, Midtempo, Glitch Hop/Crunk, and any other kind of bass music is what is played on the truck.”

David Guetta & Avicii // Justin Bieber-Sunshine One Time (the Jane Doze Mashup)
Aaliyah ft. Timbaland vs Claude VonStroke (DOSVEC Mashup) “Are You Afraid of Detroit”
Revolver “A Song She Wrote (Botany Remix)”
The Zombie Kids – Blow Money Fast (ill Saint M remix)
Work Drugs – Third Wave (Flat Black Remix)
Clinton Sparks – Sucks To Be You (Disco Fries Remix)
Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
DJ Khaled vs David Guetta & Chris Willis (DOSVEC Mashup) “Love Is One”
Ellie Goulding – Lights (Chase Apollo Remix)
The Weeknd – Lonely Star (Cralias Remix)
Return to Mono-Song of the Beast (Foretaste Remix)
Slothpop – Magenta (WAY YES Remix)

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