Deadmau5 ::: Red Rocks ::: 08.30.11

C=T contributor, El Güero, went to his first Red Rocks show, ever. Deadmau5 at Red Rocks for your first RR show? I’ll take it. Photos and word by El Güero.

Morgan Page ft. Lissie-the Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) [mp3]

Deadmau5 wins points for style. His trademark Mickey Mouse ears and dead eyed smile are iconic and instantly recognizable, mirrored throughout the crowd by fans wearing their own brightly colored mau5head helmets and t-shirts and hammered constantly from the led screens covering the stage.

His music kept the crowd cheering, and a sold out Red Rocks auditorium is always a high energy experience. Most of his playlist was progressive house with a few trancey riffs and some crowd pleasing dubstep wobble.

Sofi Toufa came out to perform her tracks live, rapping over Deadmau5 beats and strutting confidently across the stage. Sofi got the crowd to fist pump then left as quickly as she appeared to let the big bass and light show take over.

Deadmau5′ visuals were the star of the show, with rippling brightly colored effects creeping and flashing over giant cubes and even over his own head which was lit up with glowing green outlines or sparkling with trippy patterns.

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