Friday Remixes

March Madness is about to sweep the nation. If work productivity hasn’t crawled because of SPRING FEVER, it surely will happen when brackets land on cubicles around the nation on Monday. The people from Colorado seldom have any team to root for in the NCAA tournament. Collegiate sports has been dead around for a while, except for hockey. DU and CC typically make some noise, but other than that, it’s been slim pickins’. The fact that two schools will be reppin’ our fair state has me all twittered. My other team, UTEP (hometown), looks like they have C-USA under lockdown. I guess it’s time to start doing some homework this weekend and try to win that million dollar bracket challenge.

Madonna // Snoop Dogg -Sexual Virgin (Its Overture Blend)
WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (The Circle Remix)
AWOLNATION-Sail (Innerpartysoundsystem Remix)
Tai – Big Bass Drum Drek Martinez REMIX
Mountain Man – Play It Right Warm Ghost Remix
Bikini “American Mourning (Win Win Remix)”
Klaxons – “Echoes” (Steve Aoki Remix)
ANR-Stay Kids (Visions of Trees SO0O Dilated Remix)
Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours (Visions of Trees Remix)
Metronomy – The Look (Ghostpoet remix)
Sister Crayon-“Anti-Psalm” (Dam Mantle remix)
Dinosaur Bones-Birthright (CFCF Remix)
Kelly Rowland-MOTIVATION – Diplo Remix
Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright (ConRank Drumstep Remix) – Set The Fire To The Third Bar
JUPITER – Saké (Anoraak 酒 remix)
Kate Bush-This Woman’s Work (Echoes Remix)
Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand bangs Charlie Sheen (DJ MILES edit)
Waka Flocka // Taio Cruz-Hands Up High (the Friendly Giant Mashup)

3 thoughts on “Friday Remixes

  • 2011-03-13 at 05:48

    loving the ghostpoet and dam mantle remixes

  • 2011-03-13 at 14:03

    Sorry about UTEP bro….big time MEMPHIS TIGER here!!! Joe Jackson OWNS Culpepper! oooooooh, but thanks for the tracks mane.

  • 2011-03-13 at 20:07

    Man-UTEP and CU both got jobbed. Neither one will be dancing. They’ll be at the NIT. I would f’n decline said invite.

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