Friday Remixes

My routing when driving to work during the week consists of listening to Mike and Mike in the morning.Their “East Coast” bias is never too large to get in the way of a good story, but the alternative is listening to a mediocre local show on 87.7 the Ticket. Mike and Mike brought up a point that was interesting in the case of Michael Vick. A lot of people expected Vick to be well rested after spending plenty of time in the clink. Those same people didn’t expect the second coming of Steve Young on steroids. He’s a beast out there. The old Vick wouldn’t hesitate to run instinctively if he saw a defensive formation he didn’t like. The new Vick hangs in the pocket until the last second, at which point he shreds defenders in the open field. The stint must have been humbling and a lot of people can’t stand the sight of him or his pending successes. He lit up the Redskins this past Monday Night for 59 points. The other bad guy in sports that’s not forgotten is Red lifer, Pete Rose.  Pete Rose, who didn’t kill any animals, is banned from baseball from life. He committed the cardinal skin of betting on his own sport. Rose denied it fervently for years and it wasn’t until recently where he admitted to his past transgressions in his book, “My Prison Without Bars” , that he had gambled on baseball. If Rose had admitted about his gambling problem when confronted, there’s a good chance he would be coaching or participating in baseball in some type of capacity. Which athlete committed the harsher crime? Discuss.

The Knife-Seeds (Portable/Bodycode Remix)
Jay Z – 99 Problems (Prodigy Remix)
MEN – Off Our Backs (Jeppe’s Money Is A Major Issue Remix)
Wolf Gan-Lions in Cages (Submerse Remix)
Yelle – Ce Jeu (SposhRock Remix)
SposhRock – Better Off Alone Ft. Charlotte Hamel (Alice Deejay Cover)
Bomarr-Exchanges Among Systems (Fancy Mike Remix)
Chromeo (featuring La Roux) – Hot Mess (12 Inch Mix)
Florrie: Call Of The Wild (Zebra And Snake Remix)
Ting Tings-Hands (Retro/Grade Dub Remix)
Nicki Minaj x the Outfield – Your Love (Its Overture Edit)
Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle – Higher (JEUCE REWORK)
Five O’Clock Heroes – Rough Boys (Pete Wade Remix)
Of Montreal x Iyaz-Famine Affair (UltraChorus remix)
Nosaj-Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)
UFFIE feat. PHARRELL – ADD SUV (Religion Remix)
Rihanna-Only Girl In The World (Mr. Vega & Nicolas Strands Bootleg)
Empress – Captain (Bless Beats Remix)
Korallreven – Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)
Braids: “Lemonade (Green Go Remix)”
Computer Magic-Immediate Cause of Sleep (Way Yes Remix)
Jay Sean // The Temper Trap // Axwell-Disposition Down (White Panda Mashup)
Saadi-Clotheslines (Douster Remix)
Mansfield TYA – You are the woman [Anoraak remix] by anoraak

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