the Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77 ::: Ogden Theatre ::: 10.26.10

C=T sent DJ Elroy to cover the Bloody Beetroots at the Ogden Theatre earlier this week and I’m happy to report that he didn’t get into any altercations.

This time of year always sees the nutjobs bent on scaring the general public. Everywhere you look, they’re there. Don’t fight it. No, I’m not (only) talking about politicians and their campaign ads, I’m talking about Halloween and all the crazies it brings out. Not the real crazies, but the wannabees. The amateurs. And those are the ones you need to watch out for.

Yes, Halloween. My favorite un-holiday holiday. And if you can avoid the poseur posse at the parties, you’re already ahead of the game. Halloween. If you’re not strapped with kids you can make the most of it… And there is so much to do this year! Skip the lightweights and party like a pro!

Tuesdays target: The Ogden Theatre. The Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77 are storming the planet and their 2010 tour picks up some added artillery in drummer Edward Grinch. The three-man assault team of masked mayhem was knockin’ on Denver’s door, and the Mile High city answered with demands for tricks and treats… and we weren’t disappointed.

DJ Tommy Tea took the wheels early and warmed the crowd up with a solo show on the decks. It was a wham-bam set, cut after cut after cut; the only thing burning down faster than the playlist were the cigarettes… This man smokes ’em like a true European!

The DJ set was dubstep-heavy with dirty breaks, electro house, and some other experimental ‘ish rolled in for flavor… The crowd loved the Deadmau5 cut and the remix of “In for the Kill” but they didn’t seem to know what to make of the Radiohead remix… Kids nowadays; Nothing more disappointing than people who only dig what’s popular, right? And that’s not a knock on dubstep… Well, actually it is. Anyway, the crowd was hyped for it, an army of arm-waving fans not so much dancing as doing their slow-motion head-banging thing. Dig?

A brief intermission, an altercation with a drunk guido who thought it would be fun to toss around some bar stools (this ain’t Jersey Shore, douchebag!), and the waiting was over… The “Imperial March” was piped over the buffer music and…

Sir Bob “Cornelius” Rifo — the axe wielding, key pounding frontman of this trio of terror — jumped out on stage is his nut-hugging hipster attire and Venom mask. Yes, every show is Halloween for these guys! A quick “I can’t hear you” hand-to-ear gesture and the crowd lets loose while Tommy Tea stationed himself on his synth block and Ed Grinch hopped behind the ‘skins.

Ever seen the live show? No? Put it on your bucket list. The show is that good! It’s hard to label the sound, but electronicore is probably safest. Take a Sid Vicious attitude, cook in some heavy synths, shoot up with some blazing guitar riffs, and pepper liberally with an aggressive drumbeat… Don’t forget to pin the ‘Anarchy’ patch on the back of your jacket. It’s electronica meets punk. Live PA, live drums, live guitars. If you could bottle energy and sell it as music, this would be it. Sir Bob calls
their sound the “new post punk of the modern electro era”… Obviously it’s best not to try too hard to classify the Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77. But one thing everyone can agree on: They are loud!

Words/Photos: DJ Elroy

The Bloody Beetroots – WARP (feat. Steve Aoki) (Dirtyphonics DubStep Remix) [mp3]

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