the New Pornographers ::: the Dodos ::: Ogden Theatre ::: 07.28.10

Wednesday night, we sent C=T contributor, Kathleen Tarrant to take in all the Porn she could take. That’s New Pornographers, sickos.

the New Pornogrpahers-Your Hands (Together) [mp3]
the Dodos-Fables [mp3]

There is a time when it’s appropriate to say to yourself, “Kathleen, you’ve been on your
feet for twelve hours today working. It would be completely understandable if you did
not want to stand in a crowded venue for a few hours. Take some time to relax, unwind,
be quiet.”

However, a New Pornographers concert with The Dodos opening leaves no room for
those paltry excuses. So with my supportive footwear and unbounded excitement I got to
the Ogden in time to hear The Dodos launch into their deeply engaging set. The mass up
front was clearly packed with Dodos fans; people singing along as they used a violin bow
on a vibraphone, and delivered the infectious, percussive pop rock that draws so many in.
When their short set ended, people were so enamored of them a few kept screaming for
their return a few minutes into the set change for the New Pornographers.
As Neko Case took her place with a tambourine at last amidst enthusiastic cheering, I
was convinced no one was upset the show had changed hands. With a blinking electric
sign announcing their name, every band member (and with the New Pornographers, it
can seem like they take up the whole stage) brought an insurmountable burst of energy
forth and drove through that set without coming up for air. They were tighter than I have
seen them before, with A.C Newman a surprisingly cool presence in such an explosive
set. The more recent New Pornographers music has become more cerebral, which
translates. The show felt less off-the-cuff, and definitely more like a planned rock show.
No matter how much planning these guys do, however, they seem to always shock me
with how they can bring out the rock and roll in me…even on a tired Wednesday night.

(Word-Kathleen Tarrant & Photo-Ninth Circle Photography)

the New Pornographers

the Dodos

3 thoughts on “the New Pornographers ::: the Dodos ::: Ogden Theatre ::: 07.28.10

  • 2010-07-30 at 09:12

    What the hell is this supposed to mean:

    “The show felt less off-the-cuff, and definitely more like a planned rock show.” Mixed metaphors = nonsensical writing. Don’t try so hard and write clearer… This stuff doesn’t make any sense.

  • 2010-07-30 at 09:23

    I like your email address.

  • 2010-07-30 at 16:23

    Dear Superbad: Perhaps you meant to write, “more clearly,” in your critique of this post. I’m no grammar nazi, and I could care less about syntax or style. But if you’re going to call someone else out… just sayin’.
    A Disinterested Observer

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