El Trio de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

In today’s post from the “Missed the Boat” files, I bring you new music from the Mars Volta’s, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and his new crew. I’m convinced that he’s our generation’s Frank Zappa. Every three months or so, dude is releasing a new album in a different group. Most recently, he has come together with Mexico City chanteuse, Ximena Sariñana, and Aaron Cruz. The three comprise a El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez and they released an album last February titled, “Ciencia de los Inutiles (Science of the Useless)” . I had seen that the album was another release in Omar’s arsenal of material, but I had overlooked the contributions from the other two parties. The sultry jazzy vocals from Ximena looped with Omar’s acoustic guitar is a formula that I would like to see revisited on many occasions. The style could be easily confused for a Devendra Banhart or Juana Molina , but not as frigid and very little freak outs to be found on the album making it the perfect choice in music to listen to when reading the paper on a Sunday morning. You can pick up the album here and for any of you in the SoCal area, catch Ximena Sariñana open up for Julieta Venegas this Wednesday.

El Trio De Omar Rodriguez Lopez-Jueves [mp3]

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