Interview w/Die Antwoord


This only gets better. I wish they would’ve shown the interview with subtitles. I can understand every third word. FOOK IT!

Die Antwoord-Doos Drunk [mp3]

And in case you didn’t know much about them, here you go, via their homepage:


1-NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK made all their music, music videos, video stings, photos, and this next-level interwebsite all on their own with the help of some good friends.

2-NINJA was in many weird rap groups before DIE ANTWOORD: The Orginal Evergreens, Max Normal, Fantastic Kill, and Total Confusion on Planet Phunk to name a few. Then one day NINJA tapped into his inner zef and discovered DIE ANTWOORD.

3-NINJA has a secret fairy forest tattoo on left arm that he covers with bass.

4-Just to clear up the rumors: NINJA and YO-LANDI are not in a relationship. They are just good friends. NINJA says: Relationships are fickle, like the relationship you are having with your body.

5-Yo-landi’s mom cuts her hair, but she gets her hair dyed at SCAR HAIR. Yo-landi says: It’s always important to remember your roots.

6-This next fun fact is dedicated to all the confused retard people out there who hate DIE ANTWOORD but can’t stop watching their interweb videos every single fokkin day of their boring lives. DIE ANTWOORD put Puma & Jagermeister logos onto this next-level interwebsite because Puma gives DIE ANTWOORD free clothes and free shoes and Jagermeister gives DIE ANTWOORD free dop. Puma and Jagermeister did not give us money to make DIE ANTWOORD. DIE ANTWOORD was created from nothing using alot of blood, sweat and tears.

7-NINJA likes Dolfins.

8-YO-LANDI likes sexy boys with no front teeth.

9-DJ HI-TEK likes his PC Computer.

10-ZEF is a unique South African term that has been around for fuck knows how long. This term was made famous 10 years ago by a next-level interwebsite called

11-NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK started DIE ANTWOORD because of WAT KYK JY?

12-JACK PAROW is DIE ANTWOORD’S duk gang$ta kung-fu panda chommie.

13-The 1st time NINJA saw JACK PAROW’S fat rap cap he got goose bumps.

14-YO-LANDI rocks more bling than C3PO.

15-YO-LANDI’s best friend is KIMPOSSIBLE who lives in Mitchell’s Plain.

16-DJ HI-TEK is a shape-shifting alien from another dimension.

17-NINJA does not sit like a doos with a koki pen and draw every single one of his tattoos on in the exact same identical place every time he has to be in a photo or a music video or a rap show you fuckin idiot, or wait…maybe he does. Jissis!

18-DIE ANTWOORD are busy blowing up faster than the speed of light because they are the freshest, most futuristik rap-rave crew in the world.

19-DIE ANTWOORD raps for the Chosen Ones.

20-Anyone who doesn’t like DIE ANTWOORD is a poes.

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