Hot Chip on Fallon


A lot of people are complaining that the new album from Hot Chip isn’t “AWESOME”, or one that doesn’t match up to prior works. “One Life Stand” is a grower. It’s not an album that’s going to sucker punch you on the kisser. Give it some time. There’s a lot more going on. Lots of different directions. Lots of ins. Lots of outs. Lots of whathaveyous. Nothing’s fucked here, man. BTW, for those of you lucky NYC kids, look below for information on how to catch them for free tonight. (Pic via Hot Chip’s Twitter)

Hot-Chip-Take It In [mp3]

Hot Chip “Take It In” (2/4/10)

MySpace Secret Shows Presents: Hot Chip with Free Energy
Venue: Highline Ballroom
City: New York, NY
Date: Friday, February 5
Time: Doors at 7 p.m.
All ages
Additional info:

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