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I’m pretty speechless at this moment. It’s catchy and it’s viral at this point. I got a Facebook post from one of my friends last night/this morning that went like this:

Peter Weber

Peter Weber die antwoord +fav, we dl’d their whole album. Their videos are brilliant too

17 hours ago · · · · See Wall-to-Wall

I took a listen over at MySpace and thought it was kind of some crazy grime shit on speed. Didn’t think much of it. I went to Westword‘s Music Blog and Cory had written about this same act. Too weird. Too much of a coincidence. I had stepped away and get an instant message from my same friend Pete that had recommended Die Antwoord and went like this:

Chat with Peter Weber |

Peter Weber

to me

show details 1:58 PM (4 hours ago)
12:45 PM Peter: fuck i love them
i have ” enter the ninja ” stuck in my head
12:46 PM i’m a butterfly, i need your pro teck shun
need ur protekshun

23 minutes
1:09 PM Peter: hahaha we hav it on repeat

10 minutes
1:21 PM Peter: did u watch the vids
fuck, sooo funny
next level beats!

Last piece of icing on the cake from Ryan @ P4K Twitter-

http://dieantwoord.com just made 2010 official about 1 hour ago from web

Die Antwoord-Enter the Ninja [mp3]

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