Bryan Ferry + Groove Armada

The unlikely collaboration of über cool co-conspirator of Roxy Music and the musical hooligans of Groove Armada has prompted me to delve back into my music catalog to reach for “Country Life”. The single has been on the Internets for about twelve days (which is two eternities in the blog world), but I had dismissed the track because I deemed it cheesy as a train-wreck waiting to happen. I regret my hasty judgment because this single has been etched in my head since listening to it this past Friday . I love how effortlessly the combination of slick beats from Groove Armada mesh with the commanding vocals from Bryan Ferry. The track gives me great hope for the future Bryan Ferry project scheduled to be released this Summer. Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) and Flea (RHCP) check in as collaborators on the project and you can see the progress on his album here. Groove Armada are set to release their forthcoming album , “Black Light”, March 2nd via Om Records.

Groove Armada (f. Bryan Ferry)-Shameless [mp3](via RCRDLBL)

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