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Edward Shapre

Tonight is going to be a fantastic night of some of the best exports from the Los Angeles area to come our way in a long time. For those of you luck to have caught Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at Monolith this past September, or Local Natives at Benders earlier this year, I’m sure you’ll agree. Fool’s Gold will be making their Colorado debut on a stacked bill this evening at the Boulder Theatre. You can read a great Ricardo Baca interview for the Denver Post w/Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, here. Check out Fool’s Gold at this CMJ below via Babelgum.  Lastly, Local Natives have huge news! They’ve signed to Frenchkiss Records (home of the Antlers, the Dodos, and many more) and they’re releasing their LP, ‘Gorrila Manor’, Feb 16th! As of right now, there’s still tickets, but they’re about to sell out. Go here to purchase them and arrive early to catch all the acts tonight!

(Photo Cred-Crotaphytus)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Janglin [mp3]
Fool’s Gold-Surprise Hotel [mp3]
Fool’s Gold-Surprise Hotel (Micachu and the Shapes Remix) [mp3]
Local Natives-Airplanes [mp3]
Local Natives-Warning Sign (Talking Heads Cover) [mp3]
Local Natives – We Come Back (Holiday Song)[mp3]

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