The Pioneers of Prime Time TV


La Luz, NM is a village with a population of 1,615 people (according to Wiki). Small little villages such as La Luz have only so much going on, i.e. hanging out at the Sonic on weekends, doing copious amounts of drugs, getting drunk, and having lots of promiscuous sex. Lucky for us, the Pioneers of Prime Time TV got their shit together and made music.  The gentle melodies and slight raspy vocals from Thomas Thorp create beautiful landscapes of what life is like in the big vast desert that is New Mexico. Their music is like the smell of rain in the desert after a very hot day.Their  music transcends beyond their obvious limitations of coming from a small town by developing beautiful fiddle tinged tunes making me long for a Whiskeytown reunion.

The Pioneers of Prime Time TV- Nicotine [mp3]
The Pioneers of Prime Time TV- Motorhome[mp3]

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