Mile High Music Festival Preview : Day 2


Phewww. You made it this far. If you didn’t, you’re probably trying to nurse a hangover from too much fun in the sun and not enough water. Either that, or Day 2 wasn’t your bag, or vice versa. The good news is that you get to sleep in for an extra hour. The day starts off leisurely at noon for Colorado’s folk freakout group, Paper Bird. This next choice is fairly easy. Do you want to go with a teeny bopper type band, Jack’s Mannequin, or you can go the route of reggae legends, The Wailers, and burn one down? Dead Confederate (Atlanta  un-Southern rock band) is a third choice; one I might just split my time with the Wailers and make the last half of Dead Co’s set. The next round of acts duking it out for your attention is what I would like to call the “Clash of the KBCO acts hour”. Truth be told, the three acts kind of sound the same to me, Matt Kearney, Guster, and John Butler. Although, I’m fond of all three, but the wild card during the 3 o’clock hour is Gogol Bordello. The gypsy-punk outfit trumps all three of the other acts. If the gypsy sounds hasn’t outworn it’s welcome, you are welcomed to catch Denver’s own, DevothchKa, or if it’s worn thin, check out blues legend, Buddy Guy. By this time, you’ll feel as if you were rounding second base with sights of third on the horizon. One more act to catch before supper time. Thievery Corporation puts on a tremendous show with a large ensemble cast, however, since I’ve seen them recently, I may opt to catch 3OH!3. Not sure if I’ll have enough time, ya’know, with Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond on my list. Good news is that a lot of local vendors will be on the foodie list, including Steubens! (via Denver Post)

Colorado companies serving food at the Mile High Music Festival:

•Bennett’s Bar-B-Que

•Bison Grille

•Boulder Ice Cream

•Bourbon Grill

•Colorado Buffalo Grill

•Illegal Pete’s

•Kettle to the Metal

•La Tortería

•Lodo’s Bar and Grill

•Mad Greens

•Philadelphia Filly

•Savory Saigon

•Sisters’ Pantry

•Steuben’s Food Service

•Taste of Philly

This weekend will mark my first weekend of catching the Fray (my wife loves them) as my last set of the weekend, if all goes well.  Make the most of your weekend, check out half sets if your scheduling doesn’t jive.

Paper Bird-Blue Sparks [mp3]
Dead Confederate-The Rat [mp3]
Devotchka-How it Ends [mp3]
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Natural Mystic [mp3]
Buddy Guy-Crazy Love [mp3]
Gogol Bordello-Baro Faro [mp3]
Thievery Corporation-Shiva [mp3]
3oh!3 -Don’t Trust Me (DJ Hot to Death Remix) – [mp3]

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