Marilyn Chambers R.I.P.


CNN is reporting that porn-legend, Marilyn Chambers has passed away at the age of 56 at her Canyon Country home.  She was best known for her work in the Adult Film Industry and a form vice presidential nominee. The cause of death at the moment is unknown. Her work was well respected by my uncles and stepfather, who in turn passed their knowledge of skin flicks to me. My knowledge of the porn industry came into play when I witnessed my first porn movie with a very young Traci Lords, titled, Deep Inside Traci. What a magical summer that was. I was in the sixth-grade and we watched it at my friend’s house that never had any parental supervision. He had an uncle that was still living at home (token stoner uncle) working for a stereo store that had tons of porn flicks that littered his room.

Health-Perfect Skin (Curses! Rmx) [mp3]
M83-Skin of the Night [mp3]
Crystal Castles-No Skin [mp3]

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