The Watchmen


A parallel universe where Tricky Dick gets re-elected more than twice and a Vietnam war that ends in a US victory. It’s all such a haze, how did we get here? A poor cast, weak story lines, and several attempts at beautiful irony fail miserably. The movie revolves around the character flaws of masked superheroes living in a past where the line of Good vs. Evil was easily distinguishable. I’m all about having random acts of violence and gratuitous scenes of nudity, but they didn’t fit well into the movie and seemed forced. Did I mention that we sprung the extra dough on the Imax version? Yeah, not very happy. The beginning montage of the group of Watchmen being cast out by society visa vie the Bob Dylan classic , The Times They Are A-Changin’, was the most engaging part of the movie. The rest of the movie used horrible choices in scenes depicting a certain time frame (i.e. KC and the Sunshine Band), and All Along the Watchtower at the end, I don’t get it.

Leonard Cohen-Hallelujah [mp3]

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