SXSW Day Parties-Wednesday

Thank God there’s only a couple of parties going on this day. I’m trying to compile a quasi-schedule. It’s almost proving to be futile. The Whip is one band playing the Fader Fort at 2:15, and seem like one of the more promising bands early in the day party circuit. Their sound is very similar to a band near and dear to me, New Order(the two groups even hail from the same city, Manchester). Chikita Violenta is playing twice that day. The question is to catch them at the Ioda party or the Fader Party. But that opens a new can of worms, because the Kills are playing around that same time. But there’s that one Good Party at Hotel San Jose with a bunch of cool shit. Pheww….I think I’m starting to get a panic attack. Must …pop….zoloft……….. Later that night, there’s an Urban Outfitter’s party at Zona Rosa (I loathe this place), but I’m torn because Times New Viking is playing with Simian Mobile Disco. I know right, shitty place….. It only took me three days to kind of decide on what and where to go….Shit, I just forgot, there’s that Terrorbird/Forcefield Party at Emo’s all day. Oh man…. I’m stressing way too much….I just forgot, Gorilla vs Bear party is at the Peacock and I’ve been wanting to see White Denim. Alright, first we’ll go to the Peacock and sort everything out from there….

The Whip-Save My Soul [mp3]
Times New Viking-Drop out [mp3]

Chikita Violenta-Laydown [mp3]

White Denim-Shake Shake Shake [mp3]

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